‘Shadows of the Woods’ – by Duncan Thompson

5/5 I would like to claim compensation from the author and publisher for my new fear of the woods. Goodbye Centreparcs holidays… I ain’t going anywhere near a gathering of trees. NOPE! Ha! A ‘night terror thriller’ indeed, the book delivered, and then some. This was a terrifying story of people being targeted by the… Continue reading ‘Shadows of the Woods’ – by Duncan Thompson


‘Cameraman’ – by Joshua Sutton

4/5 This is a fascinating story following the incarcerated Dylan Delgado as his supernatural powers are used to assist the police with their investigations when crimes cannot be explained through the normal (mortal) routes. It is a fast paced story which keeps you on your toes throughout with gruesome detail which is not for the… Continue reading ‘Cameraman’ – by Joshua Sutton

‘Three Nightmares’ – by Tom Stearns

5/5 This book is NOT for the faint hearted!I gave this book full marks and it was well deserved. Maybe I have a soft spot for dark fiction... or maybe Tom Stearns was just too good at creating a build up of suspense and bringing out the 'shock factor' which so many paranormal books fail… Continue reading ‘Three Nightmares’ – by Tom Stearns