‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – by Kevin Kwan


What a crazy book! From the cover, it gave the impression it was a simple chick-lit but there was so much more to it than that. It also had comedy, drama and heartbreak. There was even an element of lad-lit too. I expected to like it – but i did not expect to love it!

The chapters are split in to different points of view, but the main characters are Rachel and Nick, a young couple in love and living together (as equals) in NYC. Throughout, we learn about both of their heritages as well as learning a little bit about the culture of Singapore and the ‘mainland’ Chinese. Not forgetting the ‘ABC’ – American Born Chinese. This book was certainly an education.

Rachel is from a modest background living only with her Mum, while Nick is from a rather privileged background… one which causes a lot of drama between the happy couple who travel to Singapore for a wedding and simple holiday together. There are hilarious, unimaginable conversations and actions from Nick’s female relatives which seems bizarre to a normal ‘westerner’ which made this book all the more fascinating.

There is a lot to take in when reading this book, so don’t pick it up unless it has your full attention. I’ll admit, I occasionally got lost in a sea of names and locations. I couldn’t always keep up with it…

I did not realise this book was a series so I will hopefully be reading ‘Crazy Rich Girlfriend’ very soon! It has been added to the list 🙂


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