‘On A Beautiful Day’ by Lucy Diamond


A fantastic story of four friends and going about their everyday lives. I am almost envious of their group and want to be part of it. I chose this book thinking it would be an easy read as I could pull it out of my bag to read at any free moment, but there was so much more to it than I imagined. I would describe it as ‘chick lit without the cheese of chick lit’.

A terrifying near-death event triggers different life changing events for each of the four women. Each of the women’s stories is brilliantly told and you can’t help but feel for them all. I quickly clung to each character’s emotions and what they were each going through.

There is emotion, laughter and cringey moments throughout, but you can relate to each of these women and what they are going through in one way or another. As much as I was desperate to know the ending, I am gutted to have finished it.

Although in the beginning I found it tricky to keep up with who-was-who as the chapters flitted from one story to another, I soon found my bearings without needing to remind myself which was the nurse, the accountant etc.

Such an amazing book. It was real life and not over exaggerated where you can’t help but think ‘yea right, like that’d happen!’ I hope to read more by the talented Lucy Diamond very soon!


This was my first read of 2019 and I couldn’t have picked a better book to start with. I didn’t read any books in 2018 and so set myself a challenge to get through at least 6 books this year and to write a review for each one 

This is an independent book review. 


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