‘Logging Off’ – by Nick Spalding

Logging Off

Lovely, lovely, just lovely!

Andy is a social media addict. Those social media ‘influencers’ are his lifeline and those online games keep him entertained when he isn’t working, or sometimes whilst he is working… He doesn’t see an issue with any of this, until he visits his doctor to complain about his constant neck pain, IBS and struggle to get a full nights sleep. The doctor suggests a digital detox. Andy is reluctant at first, but finally caves, and that is where the fun begins…

This is a very pleasant, quick read with plenty of quips and laugh-out-loud moments. I love Nick Spalding’s work as he never fails to make me laugh, although this book did make me feel like a hypocrite! There I am, agreeing that social media and devices are bad and we’re better off without them.. whilst enjoying this book on my kindle, planning my review which I share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, ha! Oh well, maybe one day I’ll attempt a detox myself, but not yet…


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