‘The Rumour’ by Lesley Kara



That pretty much sums up my experience of The Rumour.
When you know a book is full of twists before you start reading it, you begin looking for the signs. Everyone becomes a suspect to the story. You can’t help it, you want to discover the ending! You want to be the detective! You want to say ‘I knew it was them all along!!!’ Well, just like Joanne, I was clueless.

The Rumour is about, well, a rumour. A child killer is rumoured to be living in a small seaside town filled with school gate gossiping mothers with nothing better to do than bring the rumours to life. Joanne’s fella, Michael, is a journalist with ‘contacts’ who seems to verify this. So who is the child killer? I’m not going to ruin that. All I’ll say is I didn’t figure it out, ha!

I was absolutely hooked on this book. It was a real page turner and my stomach was doing backflips as I kept telling myself ‘just one more chapter, then I’ll go to sleep.’ Ten chapters later… I somehow found the willpower to put the book down but it only took me three evenings to finish it. A fantastic read. Books rarely create so much suspense that I become a nervous wreck as though I am somehow involved in the lies, suspicion and deception. But I was… I was pointing the finger at everyone.

It was a fast read, not overly complicated, and very much worth it. I look forward to reading more books by Lesley Kara.


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