As an indie author myself, I understand the struggles for getting reviews for books (especially on Amazon!) So I have decided to offer my services to help out fellow authors wanting to get their books read, reviewed and promoted 🙂

All of my reviews are independent and, most importantly, honest. So please be prepared for any critique although I am yet to find a book I did not like. (I’m not put off by the odd spelling/grammar error like some, I have seen some errors in traditionally published fiction books and university text books. It happens!)

All reviews are posted on my WordPress site and on the book’s Goodreads page. It will be shared on my business Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and will include a link to the Amazon sales page and author website.

If sending an ebook, please also send artwork for your book as well as your social media tags/webpage so I can promote you as a writer.

If you have any questions or requests, please email me at debbieioannaauthor@gmail.com

Preferred genres are: chick lit, comedy, contemporary fiction, paranormal but I am open to most 😊