‘Fat Chance’ by Nick Spalding


I was quite disappointed with this book to be honest… I’ve read a couple of Nick Spalding’s books in the past and loved them (occasionally wiping tears from my eyes from the amount of laughing out loud) so I expected this book to follow suit but honestly? It just didn’t cut it for me. If this was my first Nick Spalding experience I would not be reaching for another of his books.

Zoe and Greg are in their late thirties and life’s comforts have resulted in them both being overweight, something most of us can relate to I am sure, and they are talked into taking part in a weight-loss contest for the local radio station – one of the hosts being Zoe’s best friend. They go ahead with it, tempted with the £50k prize, and so begins the journey of awful diet fads and ridiculous exercise regimes which should have been hilarious but just failed for me.

This was my first experience of an audio book. I’m not sure if that has contributed to my ratings, but I didn’t feel as though the voices fit with the story (eg. Zoe’s voice was quite middle class and then Greg’s was rough/cockney at times).

The comedy was in there somewhere, I occasionally exhaled a slight laugh, but it just wasn’t the same as his other books. I’m no snowflake by any means, but the homophobic/sexist insults were pushing boundaries. I also felt like there were inconsistencies too regards to their weight as the book wore on.


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