‘All Apart Of The Chaos’ – by Larry Griggs



Everyone thinks that Pro Wrestling is fake, but to Ryder Blakemore, being fake gets him paid. Since the death of mother, Ryder Blackmore has been running from reality in his career as a wrestler where he hides behind the persona of his alter ego Thunderbolt Ryder. Ryder lives in the world of “selling”, the act of making wrestling look believable to the audience. He wants nothing more than to win the title match and cement his legacy as the best wrestler in the world. But the cracks of reality shines through when his best friend tries to commit suicide and is forced unscruptiusly into his care. Now Ryder must choose between being a friend–which could ruin everything that he has worked for, or simply be a better person. When the duties of being a caretaker start to prove more than he can handle, Ryder soon realizes that being there for someone is more than words, it requires action. It isn’t until Ryder meets and instantly bonds with Amira that things begin to change. Now his main focus is getting his friend better and through the process of the divorce that has left him shattered. With the title match fast approaching, Ryder sets out to become the man that everyone expects him to be. Because being fake doesn’t get you anywhere with love and Ryder soon finds out that even in wrestling, you can’t sell the way of the heart.

My Review

‘All Apart Of The Chaos’ is a very beautifully written book with some dark elements to the story. You are immediately thrown into the world of a professional sportsman/performer who seems to treat women as sex objects and I wondered if he would be a likeable character. I soon realised that Ryder (Thunderbolt) performs to more than one crowd. His alter ego gets him by in life, helping him to forget the pain of losing his mother and a ruined relationship with his father. Then, we meet Amira, and we see a different side to Ryder. A side that cares and helps him live a life out of the ring. Things aren’t so simple when he discovers she isn’t available but that doesn’t stop him trying to find what makes him happy instead of the fans around him.

Ryder has some deep, repressed feelings and the more the story went on, the more I could understand him wanting to shy away from being himself. Especially when he is the sole carer for his friend Cole who was battling some demons of his own.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am grateful to have been sent a copy to read and review. Larry Griggs is an extremely talented writer and one to watch out for. So much so that during the final title wrestling match, I could actually envisage what was going on and my nerves were on edge wondering who would win!

Also… ‘What’s a chicklepeck?’ I need to know the answer to this question, ha!



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