‘This Is Going To Hurt’ by Adam Kay


Such a brutally honest and open insight into life as an NHS worker. I’ve always respected them, but that respect is now through the roof. So much so that if I’m ever taken to A+E for a life threatening emergency, I’d tell my Doctor to finish their coffee first. I can wait.

Adam Kay doesn’t hold back in berating the decision makers above him who care more about stats than humanity. Every single MP needs to read this next time they decide to make cuts to this fantastic service. The part where Adam says the beds were taken away from on-call rooms so Doctors can’t be seen sleeping on the job made my blood boil!

Most of this book is set in a maternity wing. Having given birth myself, I was cringing… a lot! But a lot of the stories are really funny. Adam has a fantastic way of telling stories.

Quotes from this book will stay with me forever. Particularly ‘Home deliveries belong with pizzas, not babies’.

As funny as this book is, the final section will give you a big dose of reality as life as an A+E Doctor and bring you back down to earth where the NHS is getting screwed over. I won’t spoil anything, but that part is where your laughter tears change to sad tears.


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