Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – by J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

Well, this is the one where the poop starts to hit the fan a bit. Voldemort is back. I know it. You know it. Harry Potter knows it and Dumbledore knows it. Everyone else however… not so sure, and it throws Harry’s (to bring it up to 2020 standards) mental health into question as he faces doubt from those around him. Ron and Hermione try their best, but at the start of his fifth year of Hogwarts it seems as though the world is against him, but Harry’s troubles are far from over at the loss of his closest ally at the end…

This is where things get real and we get an inside look at the Ministry of Magic. Things finally come to a head when Harry’s new DA recruits do what the adults fail, and that is to finally show some balls and go in there head first into the danger to finally expose He Who Must Not Be Named and (my favourite) catch Lucius Malfoy in the act!!

Draco’s childish and immature school boy bullying changes immensely too where his snide remarks are no longer enough and attempts actual harm on Harry, so we definitely see a change in his character too, leading onto his antics in book 6…

Deloris Umbridge… well… if Fred and George weren’t your favourite comedy duo up until this point then the certainly will be when you’ve finished this book! Absolute legends and the films do their characters very little justice. Many other characters are also denied their spot under the hollywood lights which proves, once again, that the books are always better.


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