‘Cameraman’ – by Joshua Sutton

Cameraman by [Joshua Sutton]

This is a fascinating story following the incarcerated Dylan Delgado as his supernatural powers are used to assist the police with their investigations when crimes cannot be explained through the normal (mortal) routes.

It is a fast paced story which keeps you on your toes throughout with gruesome detail which is not for the faint hearted. Time is occasionally skipped over which helps to keep up the pace, avoiding the usual long drawn out explanations with some fantasy writing.

There is a leading male protagonist but he has an unlikely sidekick in female agent Jamie, and it is great to see their relationship alter throughout without crossing the line of intimacy, although seeming to teeter on the edge.

I look forward to reading more of the Cameraman’s antics and seeing where he ends up next.


Death is always an inconvenience, and never comes when you expect it. Enter Dylan Delgado. Mass murderer, psychopath, magician and the last person you’d expect to be called upon when the police need help.

A man becomes a splatter on the wall of his safe room. Can Dylan figure out the connection to his past, before his past catches up with him.


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