‘Mad Love’ by Nick Spalding


After my disappointment with ‘Fat Chance’, I can honestly say that Spalding has more than made up for it with ‘Mad Love’ 🙂 the author I fell in love with after ‘Love… From Both Sides’ is welcomed back into my Kindle Library with open arms.

My second experience of an audiobook, this book became my companion on my long drive to and from work. I finished my Friday drive home with only twenty minutes of the audiobook remaining, and I could not wait until the following Wednesday to find out the ending so I broke my rule and listened to it at home.

London lad Adam, and California girl Jess, are brought together after entering a competition through a dating site, Sociality, and first meet on their wedding day. They are thrown together in wedding un-bliss to live in a fabulous apartment, go on luxurious holidays and take part in exciting couples challenges… but there is less love between them than Brexiteers and Remainers. Disaster after disaster follows and as we get each person’s versions of events, you just cannot pick a side. Just as the sexual tension begins to build… something happens to fart it all away (literally!)

Adam’s clumsy Britishness mirrors that of a young, hapless Hugh Grant in those nineties’ romances, and Jess is the picturesque American beauty with a loud nature. Both end up having their flaws, and they couldn’t be more ill-suited which over time becomes more apparent. As well as laughs (and cringes) there are emotional moments for each of them which will draw you in to love them both even more and to root for a happy ending.

This is a fantastic book which is guaranteed to give you some belly laughs. From the eccentric vicar hosting the wedding to the questionable icing on the pastry Eiffel Tower, even the elderly family dog that somehow survives a car crash… there is something for everyone.


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