‘The Family’ – by Louise Jensen

The Family: the new gripping psychological thriller from the bestselling author by [Jensen, Louise]

As with Oak Leaf Farm, once you start this book, it will not let you leave! Right from the off, you are thrown in to mystery as the opening chapter begins with a traumatic event, then taking you back in time as is Jensen’s style. I found myself getting lost in the story, telling myself not to forget that important first chapter and that something sinister was going to happen… but when?

Laura is grieving the loss of her husband, and trying to keep things together for her teenage daughter, Tilly. Stress begins to take its toll as she loses her business and her home, and her epilepsy makes an unwelcome return. Her late husband’s family are not making things any easier and she finds herself alone, and with no choice but to accept the help of Saffron to live at Oak Leaf Farm until things settle down and she gets her insurance payout so she can make a new start. It is a wonderful opportunity and the leader, Alex, is all too happy to help this damsel in distress…

I downloaded this as an audio book, and listened to it on my drive to and from work. I realise now that the last hour of the book should have been listened to in the safety of my own home and not behind the wheel… with each bombshell that came with the ‘OhEmGee’ revelations, I have no recollection of that part of my journey, ha! Just when you think you have the characters all figured out, something else is revealed and you realise you haven’t got a clue. Jensen has done it again with her latest release and she needs a massive applause. It has been written at a steady pace, with three different narratives, so the tension is able to build gradually, leaving you wanting more at the end of each chapter. It is no surprise that this book is growing into a huge success.


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