‘Pandora Syndrome’ by April Wahlin


When asked to review this book, a genre I usually avoid, I admit I had reservations. A story about vampires had me thinking of ‘Twilight’ and the romantic/perfectness of it all, but, I am open minded. So I gave ‘Pandora Syndrome’ a go.

Well… wow! Such a fantastic read. I was hooked. The main character, Pandora (Dora/D) was a breath of fresh air bringing a sense of realism to a supernatural world. She wasn’t a ‘damsel in distress’ character, she was real. Witty, sarcastic, clumsy, totally relatable.

The whole story has been very cleverly planned and written out in fine detail. I particularly loved the reference to the Austrian actor on the film set, filming a very famous 80’s movie. However, the winner for me was the ‘nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’ line. It really tickled me. Perfect placement. No spoilers… but you won’t be disappointed.

This book is part of a series, where the mystery and excitement is set to continue. I cannot wait to read the next installment and find out what happens to Dora. I need to read more!

Synopsis: After being shot outside a club on her twenty-first birthday, Pandora Todd, aka Dora, finds herself in the bed of a handsome stranger with a pair of snake-like fangs. Now, instead of a hangover, Dora wakes with an intense hunger for blood and the strange ability to control all things dead, a distinctly un-vampire trait. Unfortunately, just when Dora grows accustomed to the vampire aspects of her eternal life, she finds herself targeted by a rival necromancer. Soon, Dora becomes wrapped up in a plot that will shape her past, present, and future.WARNING: This is part of a trilogy and ends on a cliff hanger.

Find April Wahlin here >> www.aprilwahlin.com https://twitter.com/aprilwahlin https://www.facebook.com/AprilWahlinOfficial https://www.instagram.com/aprilwahlin/ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42920140-pandora-syndrome


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