‘The Surrogate’ – by Louise Jensen


I have been following Louise Jensen on social media for a while, religiously reading her blog, but ‘The Surrogate’ was my first experience of one of her books. There were high expectations as the reviews (online as well as from my sister in law) were amazing. So, what did I think?

Louise is an absolutely fantastic writer. This book had my mind and emotions all over the place! I will try and avoid putting any spoilers in this review, but my expectations were blown away. I honestly got halfway through the book and thought I knew what the ending was going to be. It was turning in to a fantastic read, but surely, I knew where this was heading? The clues were all there…

Not at all. Louise has such a unique skill of making you expect the unexpected… but something even more unexpected happens. The surprises keep on coming, right up to the last page. It is a reader’s paradise.

The characters and setting were clearly laid out, so I never felt lost in her words. I also loved how the book skipped back and forth… beginning with the end, going to the present, then back in time, back to the present. It all sounds confusing, but it was all so clever and perfect for the story to all come together in the end.

It only took a few days for me to read this book as it was so difficult to put down. I initially took it to work with me. I always plan to read on my lunch break – but never do. As I headed for the train (which was obviously delayed) I stood on the platform and pulled it out of my bag. Yes, I was that person leaning against the pillar engrossed in a book and barely noticed when the train finally pulled up.

I have already downloaded her newest book, ‘The Family’, and am so excited to get started on it.

Find her blog page here > https://fabricatingfiction.wordpress.com/



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