‘The Winter Dog’ – by M. C. Holliss


‘The Winter Dog’ is an enchanting children’s tale about a young boy, Callum, who stumbles across a wolf which is close to death in the harsh wintery weather. After believing that all wolves were by then extinct, Callum saves the wolf’s life and their adventure begins. Both Callum and the wolf face certain dangers and prejudices together in early nineteenth century Scotland. There are historical references and clever lingo relating to the time which are all translated in the glossary at the end of the book.

A delightful read from M.C. Holliss with very likable characters. This book strays away from the usual children’s fantasy and has a sense of realism. I would class the genre as Children’s Period Fiction so would be great for young history lovers wanting an insight into Scottish history.

This book is part of the Magical History Stories series and was inspired by the author’s family link to Edinburgh. More information can be found at www.magicalhistorystories.com



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