‘Leaving Without You’ – by Lexy Boston

Leaving Without You: No ring. No house. No babies. And now ... no boyfriend. by [Lexy Boston]

Such a wonderful, exciting and engaging debut novel from Indie Author Lexy Boston. I immediately connected with Harrie as her world fell apart and she made the drastic decision to jet across the world to meet a stranger, Nico, who would take her on a tour of Morocco. I initially thought the story would lead into a blossoming summer romance with Nico, but that would have been too predictable. Something I am pleased to say this book was not 🙂

I feel as though I too have been on a tour of Morocco as Lexy cleverly described each location, from rooftop views, market towns and mountain tops. My imagination was never bored as I pined for Harrie to not only have a good time but to find herself and figure out what she wanted from life.

I was emotionally involved in Harrie’s life right until the last page when I was sorry the story ended. This is a book I would love to read again 🙂


Harrie has given up a lot to build a life with Tom. She knows where she wants to be: happily married, with a couple of dirty-faced angels and a house to call her own. But when she realises Tom doesn’t care about her five-year plan, she decides they need some space – 1,529 miles, to be precise. As she tours around Morocco, from the souks of Marrakesh to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, she finds some new friends, makes some bad decisions, and drinks a lot of spiced mint tea. Whilst she is busy wondering whether Tom has given up on their relationship, she meets someone who makes her question everything.

Can a holiday romance be real love? Should you change your career in your late twenties? Which is better – baseball or rounders?

This book is a charming story about the different types of love and the sacrifices that keep people together.

‘I’ll always love you,’ he said.

‘I know.’ She smiled again, wondering whether it was true.



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