‘Three Nightmares’ – by Tom Stearns


This book is NOT for the faint hearted!I gave this book full marks and it was well deserved. Maybe I have a soft spot for dark fiction… or maybe Tom Stearns was just too good at creating a build up of suspense and bringing out the ‘shock factor’ which so many paranormal books fail to achieve.

This book contains three short stories, and one bonus story. At 123 pages, it is a quick read but any more and you would surely be having nightmares of your own.

My favourite was ‘The Finder’. I loved the idea of a mysterious man finding lost items and returning them to their owners, although it wasn’t as simple as a lost sock or bag. The items were far more sinister to imagine.

As mentioned above, these stories are not for the faint hearted. If you struggle with dark subjects, avoid it. However if, like me, you enjoy the controversial then it is a must read. Tom Stearns is an author to look out for.




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