‘The Southern Belles’ – by Katie Simpkins


‘Not just any old riches to rags story’ – absolutely! I fell in love with this entire story. It was such a superb idea and different to anything else I have read before.

‘The Southern Belles’ tells the story of three heiresses (Evelyn, Georgia and Olivia), who find themselves in an unimaginable position. Once the daughters of one of the richest men in the country and living a luxurious (almost Kardashian) lifestyle, their father dies suddenly and all the money is lost. They have nothing to their name and it is only through the kindness of the family lawyer that they are put up in a bedsit, albeit, not the nicest place in the world. It was squalor, but a roof over their head none the less.

Throughout the story, you get to know each of the sisters individually and can’t help but sympathise with them. As I associated them with the Kardashians, they had to work hard to win me over and earn that sympathy. Evey, the eldest, is trying her best to protect her sisters and make sure they have enough of an income to survive. Each of the girls become involved in their own work, meeting and falling in love with guys they wouldn’t have looked twice at in their old life, and each have their own dramas to contend with. The biggest being Evey’s ex best friend, Felicity. And boy, as a reader, I was rooting for her to trip over her Jimmy Choos and fall flat on her face.

This book was very well written and I was absolutely hooked. It is cleverly being narrated by ‘Nana’, who is reading the story to her Granddaughter, for a very important reason. ‘The Southern Belles’ is part of a series and I look forward to catching the next instalment and seeing where life takes the girls next.


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