‘The Macroodelzig’ by Beffy Parkin


‘The Macroodelzig’ is about a young girl who finds all that she could ever want in a pet dog. Although slightly troublesome, she is not put off and falls in love, detailing all that he gets up to when she gets to take him home.

The words in this book are fantastically put together and the images compliment them a great deal. I found myself almost singing the verses out loud to make the most of Beffy Parkin’s clever rhymes. It is fun for adults too so can be enjoyed as a family.

This is exactly the kind of book that needs to be distributed in primary schools. It is everything you need in a modern day children’s book. It cleverly covers everything from body image, individuality, acceptance, breaking convention and normalising same-sex parents whilst keeping it fun and not too educational to put children off. All of these are issues that children will face and this book will help to address them and let children know to accept people for who they are and, more importantly, to be who they want to be.

This story is told from the perspective of the young girl, Bonnie, which I love as my first dog as a child was called Bonnie, ha! As it is Bonnie telling the story, we are reminded what it is like to be a child and have an imagination with no limits.

All in all, an absolutely remarkable story and a must read for younger primary aged children (and adults…).

This book is available on Amazon (below) and Barnes and Noble.


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